Lecture Pod 5 – Graphs

Leo Cmielewski

Why we use Graphs? They make comparisons easier by using a range of aesthetics. Shapes or colours eg. Bubble chart

Important to use the right type of graph, as they can be interpreted different for us as humans, we calculate size in heights not in surface area.

Human Visual Perception is important to presenting data, here is an example of ranking visualising data.

Allows your readers to make accurate evaluations.

History of O-Ring Damage

  • Weak graphics of O-ring damage and temperature
  • Fused together into little rockets, unable to show comparison
  • Redone as a scatterplot graph shows further information

It’s important to choose the right type of graphic display as it can affect how severe the issue is.

Bar Chart

  • Classic and useful – familiarity
  • Easy to see trends within data – reveals highs and lows
  • Comparison is easy to see and use
  • Understood easier

Line Chart

  • Easy to see data over time
  • ‘Connect individual sequence of values’

Pie Chart

  • Relative Proportions (percentages)
  • Compare small amounts of data (1-6 proportions)

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