Lecture 7 – Beauty of Data Visualisation

David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization

David Mccandless from Ted Global talks about data and the importance of visualisation. Patterns/texture and colours can create impact the way a user interprets data.

  • Data is the new soil – patterns can be revealed by organising and collecting data
  • Data using the eye speaks two languages

Who has the most soldiers? At first guess, it’s believed china has the most but doesn’t consider that they have the biggest population.

When asking the right questions and taking all data into the right consideration the picture is changed.

  • Change of perspective, when data is considered and compared.
  • Goes beyond numbers and concepts but by stories and experience
  • Design is about solving problems
  • Infographics solves information problems by the overload of data
  • Visual is the solution to questions

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